What tiny daily habit could be life changing?

What tiny daily habit could be life changing? by @DeanYeong

Answer by Dean Yeong:

  1. Start budgeting. Most people want to learn how to make more money. But with a little of observation, you will notice that we don’t really have the problem with making money, instead, learn how to spend wisely.
  2. Connect with people. Start with the closest people around you. Spend time to listen and communicate.
  3. Practice gratitude. That makes you feel lucky and thus makes you lucky.
  4. Reduce sugar intake. Try your best to avoid refined sugar, opt for an optimal amount of fruits.
  5. Under promise, over deliver in business, in relationships.
  6. Write. Make it a habit of writing 300 to 500 words a day. It can be daily, blog post, or a Quora answer.
  7. Get enough sleep. Many decide to sacrifice sleep for success, but sleep deprivation actually makes us stupid. Most people can perform even better if they were properly rested.
  8. Take a deep breath. Do this every morning. And every time you feel stress and anxious.
  9. Contribute. Share, you wealth, your knowledge, your time, your ability in providing value to someone else.
  10. Take ONE step ahead regardless how tiny it seems, especially when you don’t know what to do.
  11. Allocate 15 minutes for nothing. Think about nothing and do nothing.
  12. Make a to-do list. Don’t make a long list. Instead, write down only THREE most important thing you need to get done today. Remember, important, not urgent.
  13. Read. When you read, you gain new perspectives through the authors’ lens, you learn life lessons (took years for the author) within days.
  14. Forgive others and forgive yourself. This will free you up from the emotional burden.
  15. Exercise. Move, do cardio and resistance training.
  16. Ask yourself the right question. Prime the questions you’re asking yourself to change your mindset and beliefs.
  17. Get up early. We (most of us) do things better in the morning.
  18. Listen before you speak. You learn nothing when you’re the only one speaking.
  19. Have lunch with people who is better than you. Make connections and build relationship with them. Learn from them. Not sure how? Find a way.
  20. Go home for dinner. Period.

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What tiny daily habit could be life changing?